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We help you stay on track

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Our Story

It all started with an idea. Why not put the ends together and create a solution that integrates smoothly with one of your  most used tool in a creative way?

Our vision is to create and specialize in high level software development and deliver high quality applications. We understand the business needs of our clients, and how technology can be a tool to make modern businesses more profitable.

In 2019 we got nominated as Best Management Solution by the European SharePoint Office 365 & Azure Community. This motivated us to participate in Microsoft Teams App Development Challenge 2020 and launched our Klynke Time Management solution on Microsoft AppSource in 2021.

What makes us different?

Our mission is that with Klynke, you and your team can save time and get a great overview in one place with the seamless integration of Klynke with your Microsoft 365 and Teams subscription. 

Our experience shows that Klynke Time Management enables teams around the world to manage their time at work more easily and more effectively.

As our customers benefit from our solution, so are we prepared for growth.

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Who is it for?

Our solution is ideal for small and medium sized businesses as well as for teams and professionals who want to track time in an innovative time management solution - built in the trusted Microsoft Azure cloud. 

You will get good insight into how time is being spent on projects, tasks, teams, and individuals.

Empower your team with Klynke Time Management!

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