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Klynke Apps

Tailored Solutions for Managers and Employees

Klynke offers a dual-platform solution designed to meet the diverse needs of your organization and individual professionals. The two primary platforms are the Klynke Web-App and the Klynke App for Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365.

1. Klynke Web-App

The Klynke Web-App is crafted with a project-oriented approach, making it an ideal tool for managers, administrators, and team leaders who need powerful tools for project oversight and administrative management.

  • Project Management: Track time and monitor projects with comprehensive, easy-to-use features.

  • User Management: Efficiently create, modify, and disable user accounts to ensure smooth and secure operations.

  • Advanced Reporting: Generate detailed reports and timesheets to analyze productivity and project progress.

  • Configuration: Manage company-wide settings and configurations.

  • Daily Time Tracking: Accurately track work hours for better productivity.

  • Ease Access: Access Klynke directly via any web browser.

2. Klynke App for Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365

The Klynke App for Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365 focuses on enhancing daily workflows for all users, seamlessly integrating with their familiar Microsoft environment.

  • Daily Time Tracking: Track work hours directly within Microsoft Teams, Outlook or Microsoft 365.

  • Timesheet: View personal timesheets with a powerful filter capacities.

  • Ease of Access: Access essential Klynke features without leaving your most used Microsoft Office tools.

Ready to get started?

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1. Klynke web-App
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Experience a fully functional, professional 30-day free trial.

Enjoy full access to every feature of Klynke with no hidden costs and  no contract.
Both the free 30-day trial and subscription processes are seamlessly managed through Microsoft.

2. Klynke app for Microsoft Teams,
Outlook, and Microsoft 365
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Get the Klynke app for Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Microsoft 365 free with a trial or paid subscription.

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