Klynke is fundamentally based on the idea of Teams

Klynke is a one stop solution for three areas

  • Case Management

  • Project Management

  • Timesheet Reporting

Case Management


Klynke offers Case Management for internal and external cases. Klynke enables teams to receive, create and manage cases.

Cases are automatically created for incoming team email, whether the incoming email is from an outside customer or an internal coworker. All communication and files are kept within the case.


A Klynke case belongs to a specific team, and is only accessible for the group members. Cases can be handed over and sent between teams.

All emails, files and tasks created for a specific case are tracked and kept together so nothing associated with a case will get lost. 

Project Management


Klynke offers Project Management for group projects that are bigger in scale than Cases. 

A Project automatically creates a Microsoft Teams channel for communication.

Klynke enables project organization with Microsoft Planner by creating a Project Plan. Tasks can be created, assigned and prioritized.

All files and documents created and shared in the Teams channel will be attached to the Project. Any document attached in a Planner Task will also be stored in the Project.

Timesheet Reporting


Klynke offers time reporting on many levels.

You can report time worked on:

  • Cases

  • Projects

  • Teams

  • Planner Tasks

  • Outlook Calendar events

Klynke gives you the ability to register time from your existing Outlook calendar events. Outlook events linked to a Klynke timesheet are automatically categorized and color coded green in your calendar. 

Any registered time can include description and can be tagged with Task Type and Billing Type.

Timesheet Dashboard

The Klynke dashboard gives managers a powerful and simple way of visualizing how time and resources are managed. 

The Klynke Timesheet dashboard gives the functionality of creating completed Timesheets that are exported as Microsoft Excel documents, ready for billing. 

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