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Customize Timesheet To Your Needs

Discover Enhanced Timesheets:

Customize and control your time with Klynke's game-changing feature. Tailor your timesheet, from hiding columns to adding your logo, and unlock highly configurable options in Excel.

Standard Timesheet Customization

Highly Customization of Timesheet in Excel

For the Klynke Administrator

Klynke comes with a standard default timesheet. You can choose to show or hide pre-selected columns in the timesheet before exporting it to Excel.

If you want to integrate your company logo into your timesheet, making it uniquely yours, you contact your Klynke Administrator for configuration.

Customize your timesheet in Excel to meet specific requirements.
Add fields, your company logo, brand colors, or other relevant details.

Get in touch with your Klynke Administrator for configuration of your timesheet in Excel.

The Klynke Admin sets the timesheet options in coherence with the relevant administration. 

Download and follow the instructions in this

PDF document 

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