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Customized Timesheets Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Customize with Ease:
Klynke offers flexible options to match your preferences.
1. Standard Customization:
  • Our default timesheet provides a solid starting point tailored to common needs.

  • Easily customize it by showing or hiding columns before exporting it to Excel.

  • Looking to infuse your company's identity? Reach out to your Klynke Administrator to seamlessly integrate your logo.

2. Highly Customizable Timesheet in Excel:
  • Take complete control of your timesheet in Excel to meet your specific demands.

  • Add extra fields, incorporate your company logo, apply brand colors, and include other pertinent details.

  • Connect with your Klynke Administrator for personalized configuration and guidance on leveraging Excel's extensive customization options.


For detailed guidance on managing these settings, Klynke Administrators can access our comprehensive instructions in the downloadable PDF, ensuring a smooth configuration process.

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