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Streamlined User Experience

Klynke simplifies the process of tracking working hours and managing projects seamlessly within your everyday Microsoft environment.
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Optimize Your Daily Workflow with Klynke

Klynke Time Management is designed to streamline your time tracking and timesheet management, seamlessly integrating with Microsoft 365 and Teams. By aligning with the tools you already use daily, Klynke simplifies the process, making time-and project management more efficient and intuitive.


Track Your Work on Microsoft Planner Tasks

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Planner, to keep your work on track. Klynke enhances your productivity by enabling precise time tracking on all your projects and tasks. 

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Effortless Export to Microsoft Excel

Customize your timesheets using advanced filters and effortlessly export them to Microsoft Excel, ready for seamless integration into your billing processes. The  precision of time tracking in Klynke is essential to provide valuable insights and facilitate the preparation of invoices. 

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Outlook Calendar Events

Effortlessly convert your Microsoft Outlook events into tracked time.
With Klynke, automatically log your Outlook events as worked hours, simplifying the process and ensuring accurate timekeeping.

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Microsoft Teams Channels 

Transform Microsoft Teams Channels into dedicated project areas for efficient time tracking. 

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Microsoft SharePoint

Klynke safely stores all project documents in your Microsoft SharePoint environment.

The Two Klynke Apps

Tailored Solutions for Managers and Employees.
Klynke offers two primary platforms to meet the needs of your organization:
1. The Klynke Web-App
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Project Management: Track time and monitor projects.
User Management: Create, modify, and disable user accounts.
Advanced Reporting: Generate detailed reports and timesheets.
Configuration: Manage company-wide settings.
Daily Time Tracking: Track work hours accurately.
Ease of Access: Accessible via any web browser.


Enjoy a 30-day free fully functional trial with no hidden cost.

2. The Klynke App for Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Microsoft 365
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Daily Time Tracking: Track work hours within Microsoft apps.
Timesheet: View personal timesheets with powerful filters.
Ease of Access: Access Klynke features without leaving Microsoft Office tools.

Free Trial Available: Try Klynke with a free or paid subscription.

These platforms integrate seamlessly to enhance productivity and project management.

Time Tracking

  • Seamlessly track your work within Microsoft 365 & Teams.

  • Direct tracking from Outlook Calendar Events. 

  • Track work within projects and tasks, automatically capturing relevant information to enhance workflow efficiency. 

  • Streamline daily task management with drag and drop functionality and drag any previously tracked task and drop it onto your My Work Calendar to simplify the process of managing recurring daily tasks and projects throughout the week.

Project Management

  • Transform Teams Channels into project spaces. 

  • Streamline operations with easy generation of Microsoft Planner tasks. 

  • Documents are stored in SharePoint. 

  • Compare estimated vs. actual time spent on projects. 

  • Clearly define project manager and project owner roles for improved clarity. 


  • Unlock the potential of your timesheets with Klynke's powerful filters, enabling seamless sorting of time registrations by teams, projects, work types, billing codes, clients, and more.

  • Edit and correct time registrations for accuracy and efficiency.

  • Effortlessly export your timesheet to Microsoft Excel with just a single click. 

  • Start with our standard timesheet, designed to meet general requirements. Modify your timesheet by showing or hiding specific columns to fit your needs, all before exporting it to Excel for further use.  You can also add company  logo.​

  • For advanced customization, our Excel-based  timesheet offers unparalleled flexibility. Just get in touch with your Klynke Administrator for details.

Customizable Settings

  • Customize your organization's date format to adapt to local preferences:

  • DD/MM/Year or MM/DD/Year. 

  • Set the starting day of the week to either Monday or Sunday. 

  • Customize visibility by selecting which fields appear in Klynke Calendar entries. 

  • Specify required fields necessary for time tracking. 

The Approval Process

The approval process in Klynke consists of five distinct levels, each designed for specific approvers. This structured hierarchy ensures a thorough and detailed review process, enhancing both precision and accountability in tracking work hours.

Admins are responsible for enabling the approval process. Detailed instructions for admins can be found in our Admin Guide.

Instructions on how to work with the approval process are available in the Online Quick Guide.

Boost Productivity in the Modern Workplace With Klynke!

Check our blog for latest updates and enhancements.
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