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Effortlessly monitor your work hours
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Your most used daily tools

Klynke is a comprehensive application designed for efficient time tracking and timesheet management within the Microsoft 365 and Teams ecosystem.

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Automatic integration

Simplify time tracking for your Microsoft Planner Tasks through Klynke's integration with the Microsoft 365 platform.

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Export to Microsoft Excel

Tailor your timesheets with customizable filters and seamlessly export them to Microsoft Excel, prepared for billing.

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Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Turn your Microsoft Outlook Events into time tracking.

Your Microsoft Outlook appointments can be automatically logged as worked hours.  

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Microsoft Teams Cannel to a project

Turn Microsoft Teams Channels into dedicated project spaces for streamlined time tracking.

With Klynke, there's no need for a separate time-tracking software – you can manage it directly within Microsoft Teams!

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All documents in one place

Project documents are securely stored in Microsoft SharePoint.

In Klynke, you can effortlessly create Microsoft Planner tasks, seamlessly upload files using Microsoft SharePoint, and even integrate your Microsoft Outlook calendar to accurately track time for scheduled meetings

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