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Time Management

Track your working time seamlessly across Microsoft 365 with Klynke

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Klynke Time Management is a time-tracking and project management software integrating with Microsoft Outlook, Planner, and Teams in one place.

Efficient time tracking

Connect Microsoft 365 with Klynke and stay on top of your multiple projects.
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Track time from your devices
wherever you are

What is the future of work?

Whether you work from home, on the go, or hybrid, Klynke provides full flexibility.

Fully functional 30-day-trial.
Try and see if Klynke is right

for your business.

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Free Klynke App for Microsoft Teams

Get our free Klynke App for Microsoft Teams from the Microsoft Teams Store and track time within Microsoft Teams!
Available to all our customers who also have a Microsoft 365 account.

Report Time Your Way

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Put Klynke to work

Track time directly from all your Microsoft Outlook calendars.

Get overview in one place with seamless integration with your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams subscription.

You can use time entries from your Microsoft Outlook calendar to fill out your timesheet with proof of work.

Create Timesheet Based On Your Filter

Clear overview on time spent on teams and projects.

Manage timesheets with effective time tracking. Turn your timesheets into visual charts.

Custom filter and timesheet reporting at your fingertips without ever leaving the Microsoft 365 environment.

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Working Together on a Project

Projects for Time Registration

Track time on Microsoft Planner Tasks.

Easily track time on your projects with the Klynke Project management tool.

Create timesheets and export them to Microsoft Excel - ready for billing.


Try the easy-to-use Klynke case management tool for handling smaller projects and issues that normally lasts only few hours or days.

Used by teams, individuals, and companies of all types.

Our free 30-day trial comes with full access to all features with automatic integration to your existing Microsoft 365 and  Microsoft Teams.

For small and medium sized businesses and professionals!
First month free, then only $2.49/month/user.
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