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Seamless Time Tracking with Microsoft 365 and Teams

- Want to elevate your team's efficiency with simplified time tracking on projects and tasks? Try  Klynke Time Management.
Get started with Klynke
Get started with Klynke

Fernando González Miguel, MSc, Spain

Overall, Klynke has met our expectations and has allowed us to control project times and improve our effectiveness and efficiency easily and effectively.“

First month free, then $2.49 per user per month

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Put Klynke to Work

Track time according to your preferences and manage timesheets by applying customizable filters for projects and tasks.

Get an overview in one place with seamless integration into your Microsoft 365 and Teams subscription.

You can easily track time directly on your teams and projects, Microsoft Outlook Calendar Events, and Planner Tasks using Klynke. Save time and benefit from Klynke's seamless integration with Microsoft 365 & Teams.

Generate Timesheet Based on Your Selected Filters

Clear overview on time spent.

Gain a clear overview of time spent and effortlessly manage timesheets through efficient time tracking. Convert your timesheets into visual charts, offering an immediate overview of time allocation for teams and projects.

Generate timesheets based on powerful filtering capabilities, ready for easy export to Microsoft Excel.

Access time reporting seamlessly within the Microsoft 365 environment, right at your fingertips.

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Working Together on a Project

The Power of Simple Time Tracking

No need to switch between applications.

With a fully integrated tool like Klynke, you can keep track of how much time you spend on tasks and projects directly within Microsoft Teams.


This integration makes it easy and efficient to monitor your work without switching between different applications.

Used by teams, individuals, and companies of all types.

First month free, then only $2.49/month/user.
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