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Time Tracking and Project Management within Microsoft 365 and Teams

Microsoft tools

Effortless time tracking directly within your familiar tools

Connect anywhere, any device
Feedback Highlights

"For companies relying on Microsoft 365 for most tasks, Klynke can be a game-changer. At only $2.49 per user per month, it is a viable option for companies of every size and provides you with a near-native experience on Teams. For more details, refer to the review on our blog."

Review, UC Today

“Klynke stands out for its intuitive user interface and seamless integration with Office 365.
It is user-friendly, straightforward, easy to use, and easy to set up. It also offers proper exporting for seamless integration into our invoicing procedure.”

Ben Bovendeerd, The Netherlands

Director at Chemploy

“After several weeks researching and testing different tools, we decided to use Klynke. It's easy to assign hours and track time, create new projects and allows to distinguish between different types of tasks to be carried out within the same project. Klynke has met our 
expectations, allows us to control project times and improve efficiency.”

Fernando González Miguel, Spain

Industrial Engineer at Inova Ingenieros

Discover how Klynke integrates with Microsoft products.

Streamline Your Time Tracking

Experience unrivaled efficiency and empower your team's productivity with Klynke's seamless integration into Microsoft 365 and Teams.


With a seamless integration with essential Microsoft tools, Klynke streamlines time tracking across projects and teams with unparalleled precision.

Leverage the full potential of your Microsoft 365 and Teams subscription to boost productivity. Explore Klynke's seamless integration with Microsoft products and unlock new levels of efficiency for your team.

Customizable Timesheets

One-Click Export to Excel

Experience the convenience and flexibility of exporting and customizing your timesheets with Klynke. Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Excel to simplify data manipulation, report generation, and presentation, all with just a single click.

Tailor your timesheets effortlessly using powerful filters, ensuring they perfectly match your workday needs. Whether you prefer our default timesheet, designed to meet common professional requirements, or opt for extensive customization options, Klynke ensures your time management is efficient and adaptable.

Discover the simplicity and efficiency of Klynke by trying it out today.

Digital Gadgets
Turn your Microsoft Teams channels into dedicated project areas.

Intuitive Interface

Simplify Your Workflow

Enjoy enhanced accountability with Klynke's seamless conversion of Microsoft Outlook events into tracked time, capturing every billable hour effortlessly. Klynke's intuitive interface and integration eliminate the need for additional systems, allowing you to automatically log your Outlook appointments and events as billable hours directly within the tools you already use.

Optimize your workflow by turning your Microsoft Teams channels into dedicated project areas, streamlining the time tracking process.

Klynke further streamlines operations with easy generation of Microsoft Planner tasks, efficient file uploads via Microsoft SharePoint, and seamless integration with the Microsoft Outlook calendar for precise event tracking. 

Trusted by diverse teams, independent professionals, and organizations of all sizes and industries...

Discover if Klynke aligns seamlessly with your business needs through a comprehensive trial experience, offering full functionality from the start.

Our pricing model offers scalability enabling easy user adjustments, no hidden fees and billing handled by Microsoft.

Experience your first month free, then just $2.49 per user per month.
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