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Klynke Time Management

An application that combines time tracking and project management functionalities, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft 365 and Teams

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Jacob Bennett, Managing Director, New Zealand

"Klynke has helped us be more productive through the use of time tracking by creating channels in Microsoft Teams with one point of contact. The service and support they have offered has helped us excel in ways that we could not with other software."
Review from UCToday
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Put Klynke to Work

Track time your way and handle timesheets using customized filters for projects and tasks.

An overview in one place with seamless integration with your Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams subscription.

You can track time directly on your teams and projects, Microsoft Outlook Calendar Events and Planner Tasks through Klynke.

Save time and benefit from the seamless Klynke integration with Microsoft 365 & Teams.

Timesheet According To Your Chosen Filter

Clear overview on time spent.

Effortlessly handle timesheets by using efficient time tracking. Transform your timesheets into visual charts, providing an immediate overview of time invested in teams and projects.

Generate a timesheets according to powerful filter capabilities - ready for export to Microsoft Excel.

Time reporting at your fingertips without leaving the Microsoft 365 environment.

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Working Together on a Project

The Power of Simple Time Tracking

No need to switch between applications.

With a fully integrated tool like Klynke, you can keep track of how much time you spend on tasks and projects directly within Microsoft Teams.


This integration makes it easy and efficient to monitor your work without switching between different applications.


Begin with our free 30-day trial, which provides full access to all features, including automatic integration with your existing Microsoft 365 and Teams.


Sign up to initiate the process. Add your team size, starting from a single user and extending to unlimited users.


During the sign-up process, you'll need to provide billing and payment information. Rest assured, you won't be charged during the 30-day trial period.


Should you decide not to cancel within the trial period, your subscription will begin after the 30-day free trial, followed by a cost of $2.49 per user per month. You have the flexibility to cancel at any time and to add or remove users as needed.

How Do I Start?

Find out if Klynke is the right solution for your business
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Effortlessly monitor your work hours:
  • Easily track time from Microsoft Outlook Calendar Events and Planner Tasks using Klynke.

  • Send timesheets to Microsoft Excel for convenience.

  • See how your actual time matches your estimates.

  • Get a clear picture of time spent on teams and projects.

  • Turn timesheets into visual charts for quick understanding.

Klynke Time Management is a time-tracking and project management software integrating with Microsoft Outlook, Planner, and Teams
- all in one place

Used by teams, individuals, and companies of all types

First month free, then only $2.49/month/user
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