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Track your working time seamlessly across Microsoft solutions with Klynke.

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Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams.
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Klynke Time Management is a time-tracking and project management software integrating Outlook, Planner, and Teams, all in one place.
Working with Outlok, Planner and Teams.
Your Outlook appointments can be logged as worked hours as well as your tasks in Planner.
Working with Outlok, Planner and Teams.
You don´t have to worry about a separate time-tracking software, you can do it directly from Teams!

Efficient time tracking

Connect Microsoft 365 tools with Klynke and stay on top of your multiple projects.
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Report time your way,  
manage timesheets with Klynke.

Get overview.
Increase efficiency by preventing duplication of work throughout your company. 

We simplify the process of task management for projects.


We give our customers the ability to directly export their timesheets of billable hours into Excel.

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Fully functional 30-day-trial.
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Report Time Your Way

Track time directly from all your Outlook calendars.

Get overview in one place with seamless integration with your Microsoft 365 and Teams subscription.

You can use time entries from your Outlook calendar to fill out your timesheet with proof of work.

Stay Focused with Powerful Timesheets

Clear overview on time spent on teams and projects.

Manage timesheets with effective time tracking.

Custom filter and timesheet reporting at your fingertips without ever leaving the Microsoft 365 environment.

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Working Together on a Project

Projects for Time Registration

Easy way to track time on Microsoft Planner Tasks within Microsoft Teams.

Add tasks via Microsoft Planner and assign them to your team members for time registration.

Overview of estimated vs. actual time spent on Planner Tasks.

Klynke Time Management provides everything you need to run your projects within Microsoft 365 and Teams.
For any team size!
First month free, then only $2.49/month/user.

Our free 30-day trial comes with full access to all features with automatic integration to your existing Microsoft 365 and Teams.