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Track time your way with Klynke

In Microsoft 365 and Teams

You can use Klynke on mobile, laptop and desk computer


Customizable Timesheets

Supports Global Teams

Connect Time Tracking with Your Daily Tools

Effortless and Seamless Time Tracking Without the Need to Switch Apps
Teams logo
Maximize Productivity with Team Channels and Project Spaces

Transform Microsoft Teams channels into dedicated project spaces to streamline time tracking and enhance collaboration. Experience seamless integration, improved project management, and increased productivity for your team.

Microsoft Outlook logo
Optimize Your Time with Outlook Calendar Events

Effortlessly convert Microsoft Outlook events into tracked time for precise and accurate timekeeping. Simplify managing recurring weekly tasks with our intuitive drag-and-drop feature, saving you valuable time.

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Enhance Efficiency with Microsoft Planner Tasks

Seamlessly track time on your Microsoft Planner tasks with Klynke. Integrating time tracking directly into Microsoft Planner enhances your project management capabilities, improves efficiency, and ensures precise planning and execution.

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Timesheet Reporting with One-Click Export to Excel

Effortlessly customize your timesheets with advanced filters and export them to Microsoft Excel in just one click. Simplify your billing processes with seamless integration, saving time and reducing errors.

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Ensure Data Safety with Secure Document Storage

Store your documents securely within your Microsoft SharePoint environment, ensuring data safety and easy accessibility. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your sensitive information is protected and readily available when you need it. Klynke does not retain any data.

Feedback Highlights

"For companies relying on Microsoft 365 for most tasks, Klynke can be a game-changer. At only $2.49 per user per month, it is a viable option for companies of every size and provides you with a near-native experience on Teams. For more details, refer to the review on our blog."

Review, UC Today

“Klynke stands out for its intuitive user interface and seamless integration with Office 365. It is user-friendly, straightforward, easy to use, and easy to set up. It also offers proper exporting for seamless integration into our invoicing procedure.”

Ben Bovendeerd , The Netherlands

Director at  Chemploy

“After several weeks researching and testing different tools, we decided to use Klynke. It's easy to assign hours and track time, create new projects and allows to distinguish between different types of tasks to be carried out within the same project. Klynke has met our 
expectations, allows us to control project times and improve efficiency.”

Fernando González Miguel, Spain

Industrial Engineer at Inova Ingenieros

Customizable Online Timesheets for Your Business

Klynke offers flexible options to match your preferences:

Our online timesheets are customizable to fit your company’s specific needs and ensure compliance with internal processes. Whether you prefer a simple layout or detailed branded design, our solution empowers your team to submit timesheets with unmatched accuracy. Simplify your workflow and focus on your priorities with our intuitive online timesheet solutions.

Standard Customization

Begin with Our Versatile Default Timesheet:

Our customizable timesheet is designed to meet a wide range of standard requirements.

Customize Columns for Export:

Easily show or hide specific columns before exporting your timesheet data to Excel, ensuring your export is tailored to your needs.

Personalize with Your Company Logo:

Add your company’s logo to the timesheet for a professional look. For assistance, please contact your Klynke Administrator.

Fully Customize Your Timesheet in Excel

Enhance Your Timesheet:

Add fields, your company logo, brand colors, and other details to create a fully personalized timesheet with a professional and branded look. Get in touch with your Klynke administrator for assistance.

Project Management Made Simple

With the intuitive project management capability of Klynke, you get help to see the big picture and focus on what matters. Stay informed with overview of progress, enabling you to prioritize tasks effectively and stay ahead of deadlines.

Transform Teams Channels into Project Spaces

Turn your Teams Channels into dedicated project spaces for better organization and collaboration.

Track time on Microsoft Planner tasks

Easily generate tasks in Microsoft Planner directly from Klynke.

Track Project Time

Keep track of time by comparing estimated hours with actual hours spent on projects.

Define Roles Clearly

Clearly define project manager and owner roles to ensure everyone understands their responsibilities.

Secure Document Storage

Rest assured, your documents are securely stored in SharePoint.

Flexible Time Tracking

Team members and solo workers have the flexibility to track their work time according to their individual preferences, whether they work in the office, in the field, or from home—part-time or full-time, by the hour or by project. We make it easy to track time and capture every billable hour, no matter where you are.

Working Across Single or Multiple Time Zones?
Digital World Map_edited.png

According to your business needs, select between single or multiple time zone settings in Klynke. This makes it easier for companies operating across different time zones to track time seamlessly, no matter where your team is located.

For Whom?

Klynke is designed with small and medium-sized businesses and professionals in mind. Enjoy the flexibility to support multiple teams, unlimited users, and projects—all in one platform.

Klynke adapts effortlessly to a variety of industries, from professional services and IT to creative fields, healthcare, and construction. Its customizable features ensure seamless integration into any work environment, making Klynke the perfect solution for your industry needs.

Explore Our Online Quick Reference Guide

Need help using Klynke? Check out our comprehensive online Quick Reference Guide for step-by-step instructions and tips. Get the most out of Klynke and streamline your time management effortlessly.

Trusted by diverse teams, independent professionals, and organizations of all sizes and industries

Discover if Klynke aligns seamlessly with your business needs through a comprehensive trial experience, offering full functionality from the start.

Our pricing model is scalable, allowing easy user adjustments with no hidden fees.

Both the trial period and billing is conveniently handled by Microsoft.

Klynke Time Management




Customize to Suit Your Preferences

Date Format and Week Start Day

Date Format

Choose between Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year.

Week Start Day

Select either Monday or Sunday as the starting day of the week.

Access Control

With Klynke's robust roles and permissions system, user access is managed based on responsibilities. Assign specific roles to users, granting appropriate levels of access and authority. This ensures efficient project collaboration while upholding stringent security standards.

The Approval Process

The approval process in Klynke consists of five distinct levels, each designed for specific approvers. This structured hierarchy ensures a thorough and detailed review process, enhancing both precision and accountability in tracking work hours.

Admins are responsible for enabling the approval process. Detailed instructions for admins can be found in our Admin Guide.

Instructions on how to work with the approval process are available in the Online Quick Guide.

Teams and Teamwork

Time tracking software like Klynke Time Management is advantageous for teams, facilitating easy and flexible time tracking and project management. It enables team members to monitor their individual time contributions, and track project progress, regardless of geographical location.

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