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Getting Started With Klynke

This step-by-step guide outlines the necessary actions from steps 01 to 05 to ensure you are fully prepared to begin using Klynke.

01 Start Your Free Trial


Purchase Klynke on Microsoft AppSource

Start Your Free Trial

Enjoy the first month free, followed by a subscription fee of $2.49 per user per month. A credit card is required for the trial. You have the flexibility to cancel at any time. Your credit card will not be charged until after the conclusion of your free trial.

Click  Get it now  here or on Microsoft AppSource,  then press the Next button located at the bottom of the appearing dialog box.

02 Activate Subscription


Activate Subscription

After entering your billing and payment information and completing the order, a thank-you message will appear. Then, click Configure SaaS account  to be redirected to the Klynke user portal.

Then, Click Activate to confirm your subscription and to activate your 30-day free trial.


Now, proceed to follow the subsequent steps 3-5 to finalize the process.

03 Admin Concent

Description of requested permissions:


Admin Consent

An IT Tenant AD Administrator should provide consent to the Klynke application as outlined in the following steps:
1.    Sign in to the Klynke Time Management application using this link:   A  welcome message box will appear. 

2.    Click the 'View Permissions'  button within the welcome message box.
3.    A Microsoft dialog box titled  'Permissions Requested' will appear (see below). Click the Accept button to proceed.

▼Read and write all groups.
The Klynke app needs a permission to create a Microsoft 365 Group for the tenant. Klynke users are automatically added to this group. The group is used to store all data that is created in the Klynke system: registered time, cases and projects. That way, the data never leaves your Microsoft 365 environment. The data is never stored on any Klynke servers and the tenant is completely in control of the data created in Klynke.

▼Read and write all users’ full profiles.
Since all Klynke data is stored in your own Microsoft 365 environment, the app needs a permission to store the Klynke licence registration information to a users profile properties, on behalf of the signed-in user.

▼Maintain access to data you have given it access to.
Klynke app needs permission to receive refresh tokens from the Microsoft identity platform token endpoint. Refresh tokens are long-lived. This way the Klynke app can get new access tokens as older ones expire and keep users logged in.

After the Tenant AD Administrator accepts the consent, the admin will need to log out of the application.


4.  Another message box will appear, prompting you to valditate.

04 The Klynke Administrator


The Klynke Administrator

The initial user to log in to Klynke ( will be designated as the Klynke Administrator, responsible for managing user access to Klynke.

Under the License tab, the Klynke Administrator can assign users to Klynke licenses, with the purchased license count visibly displayed. To add users, simply click the green '+' plus sign.

05 User Consent


User Consent

Every user must provide consent to the Klynke application following these steps:

1. Sign in to the Klynke Time Management application using this link . A welcome message box will be displayed.
2. Within the welcome message box, click the 'View Permissions' button.
3.  A Microsoft dialog box titled 'Permissions Requested' will appear. Click the 'Accept' button.

4.  An additional message box will appear, asking you to validate.

For your convenience, kindly ensure that your time zone is accurately configured in the regional settings.

You can do so by following this guide: 

Quick Guide

Once everything is configured, you can explore the fundamentals using the Klynke Online Quick Guide, allowing you to build your understanding within minutes.

The Quick Guide is particularly valuable for newcomers and individuals of all levels who are utilizing Klynke.

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