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Getting Started With Klynke

This step-by-step guide is to get started and activate your first month's free trial. After the free trial period you automatically become a customer with a monthly subscription  of $2,49/user/month. You can cancel any time and add/remove users any time also.

After finishing the first two steps the third step needs to be taken by an administrator following a short guide from our setup experts, see below. Then you are all set to start using Klynke.  When ready; check our online Quick Guide for first time users and everyone using Klynke.

Getting Started


Getting Started

Purchase Klynke on Microsoft AppSource

Klynke Time Management is available on Microsoft AppSource and to purchase Klynke click the Get it now button and enter the number of user licenses you want to buy for your team to start with.

The process is safely handled by Microsoft.



Activate Subscription

After entering your billing and payment info and placing the order, a thank you message appears. Click Configure now to activate the subscription and you will be transferred to the Klynke user portal. Click Activate to confirm your subscription.

Change Subscription


Change Your Subscription

Go to Microsoft 365 Admin Center and sign in with your Microsoft Work or School account.


Microsoft 365 admin center

From menu select ->  Billing -> Your products


Select  ->             Klynke Time Management to buy or remove licenses.


Subscription and billing is handled completely by Microsoft.

Set Up Klynke

Set Up Klynke

To set up Klynke, a technical admin (tenant AD administrator) is required to login to to start the automatic setup of Klynke.

The Tenant Ad Administrator clicks on the Grant Admin Consent button to start the automatic Klynke setup process.

Admin Concent


Admin Consent

The Tenant AD Administrator also needs to consent at to the following:

Description of requested permissions:

▼Read and write all groups.
The Klynke app needs a permission to create a Microsoft 365 Group for the tenant. Klynke users are automatically added to this group. The group is used to store all data that is created in the Klynke system: registered time, cases and projects. That way, the data never leaves your Microsoft 365 environment. The data is never stored on any Klynke servers and the tenant is completely in control of the data created in Klynke.

▼Read and write all users’ full profiles.
Since all Klynke data is stored in your own Microsoft 365 environment, the app needs a permission to store the Klynke licence registration information to a users profile properties, on behalf of the signed-in user.

▼Maintain access to data you have given it access to.
Klynke app needs permission to receive refresh tokens from the Microsoft identity platform token endpoint. Refresh tokens are long-lived. This way the Klynke app can get new access tokens as older ones expire and keep users logged in.

After the Tenant AD Administrator accepts the consent, the admin will need to log out of the application.

User Consent


User Consent

Then the users also need to log in to and consent to the personal user consent.

This first user to log in to Klynke 

( will become the Klynke Administrator with the responsibility to manage user access to Klynke.   
From the License tab, the Klynke Administrator can add users to Klynke license where the number of purchased licences is displayed. Simply select the green "+" sign to add users.


The Klynke Administrator then askes the users to log in to where each user is asked to confirm requested permissions (see screenshot). 

Quick Guide


Quick Guide

Walk through the basics with Klynke online quick-reference guide.

Build your knowledge base in minutes.

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