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Klynke Admin Guide

Use this online help to perform all administrative functions for your Klynke Time Management cloud instance. As a Klynke administrator, you can create, modify, and disable user accounts.

First, follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide to obtain and install Klynke.

Using the In-Page Menu


Use the In-Page Menu to quickly navigate through different sections of the guide. Simply click on a menu item to jump to the corresponding section for detailed information:

Add New User

Add New User to Klynke

The first user that logs into the Klynke application ( will automatically become the Klynke Administrator.  

The Klynke Administrator can add a new user/s to Klynke or remove user/s simply by clicking the License tab on the left side of the navigation menu of Klynke.

In case you need additional user licenses, go to the section below: "Add or remove user licenses".

Tips: It is a good rule to have more than one Klynke admin. 



The Configuration tab provides Klynke administrators with the ability to tailor Klynke to the organization's requirements in several ways. 

1. Billing Code and Task Type Classifications:

Administrators can add billing codes and task type classification codes for time registration in My Work.

2. Customize Date Format:

Easily adapt the date format to local preferences, choosing between Day/Month/Year or Month/Day/Year.

3. Set Starting Day of the Week:

Select whether the week starts on Monday or Sunday to align with organizational preferences.

4. Customize My Work Calendar Entries:

Tailor users' My Work Calendar entries by selecting relevant fields for display.

5. Specify Required Fields:

Define mandatory fields for time tracking to ensure accurate data capture.

6. Time Registration Closure
This feature enables several options to control the period for time entry, ensuring more consistent and accurate tracking of work hours.

Time Tracking Closure Options
By default, the setting is "Never," meaning that time entry is unrestricted and open for registration on all dates.

Different options can be selected from the dropdown list, allowing administrators to adjust settings as required to close time entries after a specified number of days post-month-end.

7. Approval Process
By default, the approval process is not enabled. To enable it, mark the checkmark in the appropriate section.  Details on how to operate the approval process are provided in this link. 

8. Timesheet Options
Choose between a standard or customizable timesheet based on organizational needs. Details on how to customize a timesheet are provided in this link.

9. Time Zone Settings
Opt for single or multiple time zone settings to suit your team's requirements. It is important to verify the SharePoint setting of the time zone. Press the "Verify Time Zone" button and adjust settings as needed.

User Licenses

User Licenses - Add or Remove

Go to Microsoft 365 Admin Center and sign in with your Microsoft Work or School account.

Microsoft 365 admin center

Select  Billing - Your products


Select Klynke Time Management to buy or remove licenses.

Roles and Permissions

Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions in Klynke empower you to control user access according to their responsibilities within your organization. By assigning specific roles, you ensure that users have the right level of access and authority. Below are the roles available in Klynke along with their corresponding permissions:

1.    Klynke Administrator:
•    Full access to the system.
•    Can add/remove users and edit all data.

2.    Team Owner:
•    Can view all projects associated with their team.
•    Access to all data entered by team members.

3.    Project Owner:
•    Access to view all data for their specific project.

4.    Project Manager:
•    Similar to the Project Owner, with access to view all project data.

Understanding these roles and permissions within Klynke Time Management ensures effective project contribution while maintaining a secure and efficient working environment. For further assistance or detailed information on a specific role, please refer to our support resources or contact our support team.

Timesheet Customization

Timesheet Customization

Users must get in touch with their Klynke Administrator to configure the timesheet as needed or greed on. 

Klick on the button to get PDF instructions for the Klynke Administrator to configure the timesheet:

Approval Process

Approval Process

The approval process has five levels of approval to effectively manage employees' work hour tracking. Each level is tailored for specific approvers, ensuring a thorough and hierarchical review process. This enhances precision and accountability in tracking work hours.

Note: The approval process is turned off by default. Follow the instructions below to learn how to enable and manage it.

As the approval process progresses through the levels, each subsequent level represents a higher level of review and authorization. Approvers at higher levels can review and approve work marked at lower levels.

Recall and Editing

Users can recall their approval at any time if it has not been further approved by a higher-level approver. This allows for corrections or adjustments before final approval.

Overwriting and Locking

Once a higher-level approver approves the time entries, their approval overwrites the levels below. This action locks the time entries, preventing further editing by the employee. The final approval at the highest level ensures that the time entries are accurate and finalized.

Final Approval

The process culminates at Level 5, the highest level of approval. At this stage, the time entries are completely locked, and no further changes can be made. This final approval signifies the completion of the approval process.

Five Levels of Approval

The hierarchical structure of the approval levels, from Level 1 (Self-Approval) at the base to Level 5 (Administrator Approval) at the top. Each level provides an increasing degree of authority and responsibility, ensuring a thorough review process.

Five levels of approval for work hour tracking:

Level 5: Administrator Approval. Highest level.

Level 4: Team Owner Approval. Approves for team and all team projects.

Level 3: Project Owner Approval. Approves for their own projects.

Level 2: Project Manager Approval. Approves for projects they manage.

Level 1: Self-Approval. Users approve their own time entries.

Managing the Approval Process

Enabling and using the Approval Process in Klynke.

Enabling the Approval Process

To enable the approval process, which is by default turned off, follow these steps:


Navigate to the Configure Tab:

 -          Go to the main menu on the left side of the screen.

-          Click on the Configure tab.


Access the My Work Settings:

 -         Scroll to the bottom of the My Work tab.

-          Find the checkbox labelled Enable approval process.

-          Check this box to enable the approval process.

-          To disable the approval process, simply uncheck the checkbox.


Using the Approval Process

Once the approval process is enabled, a new button labelled Open approval process will appear in the Timesheet Data section under the Timesheet tab. Users can press this button to initiate the approval process and approve their work entries.

If you need help or if you have questions don´t hesitate to contact us.
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