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Overview of Key Features

Explore our latest updates and enhancements

'Drag and Drop' 

Simply drag any previously tracked task and drop it onto your My Work Calendar to simplify the process of managing recurring daily tasks and projects throughout the week.

Flexible Date Format
and  Week Start Day

Choose your preferred date format:

  • Day/Month/Year

  • Month/Day/Year


And select the week's starting day:

  • Monday

  • Sunday

Please contact your administrator to customize these settings.

Customizable Timesheet

Start with our standard timesheet, designed to meet general requirements. Modify your timesheet by showing or hiding specific columns to fit your needs, all before exporting it to Excel for further use.  You can also add company  logo.

For advanced customization, our Excel-based  timesheet offers unparalleled flexibility. Just get in touch with your Klynke Administrator, provided with detailed instructions in this downloadable PDF-File

Introducing New Features

Check our Blog for more info.

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