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Key Features

Klynke offers a comprehensive solution for time tracking and project management, especially for teams and projects within the Microsoft 365 environment. The integration with Microsoft Planner Tasks and Outlook Calendar Events can help users streamline their work processes and keep track of their tasks and schedules.

By automating the integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams, Klynke can simplify the process of logging time worked, making it easier for team members to accurately report their efforts. This can enhance project management, billing, and overall productivity by providing a centralized platform for time tracking and project management.

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Microsoft 365

Klynke seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365, making it an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as freelancers, seeking a comprehensive overview of time spent.

Elevate your productivity with Klynke.

Manage Projects

Effortlessly manage your projects through our integrated time tracking feature. Monitor time dedicated to your projects and Microsoft Planner tasks with ease. 

Turn your Microsoft Team channels into dedicated project spaces.

Time Tracking

Klynke gives you a clear picture of your team's performance. It's a great tool for tracking work hours and staying on top of project timelines.

Plus, you can easily compare actual time with estimates.


Klynke supports unlimited teams, projects, and tasks, making team management a breeze.

Generate customized timesheets and exportable reports for Excel.

Easily track time spent on teams and projects for a clear overview


Gain a unified overview with a seamless integration of Klynke into your Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Our distinctive approach to linking various Microsoft 365 products sets Klynke apart as a unique project management and time tracking software.

Microsoft Outlook

Optimize efficiency by directly recording work hours from your Microsoft Outlook Calendar Events.

Leverage entries from your Microsoft Outlook Calendar to substantiate your timesheet entries with credible work records. 

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