Key Features

Klynke is a time tracking app that enables you to log time worked on Teams, Projects, Planner Tasks, and Outlook Calendar events – with a seamless automatic integration to your existing Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Microsoft 365

Klynke integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, making it ideal for small and medium sizes business or freelancer to get overview of time spent.

Improve your productivity.

Manage projects

Manage your projects with the included feature of time tracking. Easily track time on your projects and your Microsoft  Planner tasks. Create timesheets and export them to Microsoft Excel- ready for billing.

Turn Teams channels into project space.

Time tracking

Klynke provides a comprehensive overview of your team’s performance. It’s a great tool for tracking work hours and to better stay on track on time spent while working on projects.

Also, it allows you to track actual time against estimated time.


Klynke supports unlimited number of teams, projects, and tasks by offering an easy way to manage your team’s work.

Customized timesheets and reports ready for export to Excel.

Get a clear overview on time spent on teams and projects.


Get overview in one place with a seamless integration with your Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Manage your projects with the included feature of time tracking record for reports in timesheets with overview in dashboard.

Microsoft Outlook

Save time by tracking time directly from your Microsoft Outlook calendar events. 

You can use entries from your Outlook calendar to fill out your timesheet with proof of work.

You can choose a calendar from any Outlook calendar group.