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Boost Productivity: How Chemploy Simplified Project Invoicing and Time Tracking in Three Months with Klynke Time Management


In the fast-paced world of chemical engineering, managing time efficiently and ensuring accurate project invoicing are critical for success. Chemploy, a full-service chemical engineering firm, recently transformed its time tracking management processes using Klynke Time Management. In just three months, Chemploy achieved remarkable improvements in accuracy and efficiency, thanks to the seamless integration of Klynke with Microsoft 365. Here’s how they did it.

Customer Background

Chemploy specializes in providing technical expertise for the manufacturing, research, and development sectors, particularly in the food, life sciences, and chemical industries. Their services include feasibility studies, process scale-up, technical studies, and safety system design and review. To track time on worked hours on projects etc. , Chemploy needed a robust time-tracking tool.

Challenges Faced

Before adopting Klynke, Chemploy encountered several challenges:

  • Inaccurate Time Tracking: Manual processes led to frequent errors in tracking hours worked on projects.

  • Inefficient Invoicing: The existing system made it difficult to reconcile accounts receivable accurately and quickly.

  • Lack of Integration: The need for a cohesive system that integrates smoothly with their existing Microsoft 365 tools.

Solution Provided

Chemploy discovered Klynke Time Management through Microsoft AppSource. The solution stood out for its:

  • Ease of Use: Simple time tracking on a project-specific basis.

  • Integration with Microsoft 365: Seamless operation with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and other Microsoft 365 apps.

  • Efficiency: Streamlined invoicing processes and improved accuracy in tracking billable hours.

Implementation, Enhanced Productivity and Results

Ben Bovendeerd, Director at Chemploy, recognized that Klynke met all their requirements for simplifying project tracking and integrating fluidly with Microsoft 365. Within a week of installation, Chemploy adapted their processes to incorporate Klynke. Three months later, the results were evident:

  • Accurate Invoicing: Chemploy achieved nearly 100% accuracy in monthly accounts receivable reconciliation on the first attempt.

  • Operational Efficiency: Invoice review time was drastically reduced, and overall operational efficiency improved.

  • User Satisfaction: Employees found the system user-friendly and appreciated the seamless integration with their existing tools.

"Chemploy benefits tremendously from the seamless integration of projects in Teams/SharePoint with Klynke's hour-logging. Using the same database as our projects are set up in, Klynke eliminates the need for a separate registration system for project details," said Bovendeerd.

Key Features

Klynke’s robust integration with Microsoft 365 was crucial for Chemploy. Key features include:

  • Microsoft Excel Timesheets: For detailed time tracking.

  • Microsoft Planner Tracking: For managing tasks and time.

  • Teams and Outlook Integration: For seamless operation within the Teams environment.

  • Centralized Storage in SharePoint: For easy access and management of project documents.


Chemploy’s success story highlights how Klynke Time Management can transform time tracking and invoicing processes to boost productivity, especially when integrated with Microsoft 365. By providing an efficient, user-friendly solution, Klynke has enabled Chemploy to enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and achieve higher accuracy in invoicing.

Discover New Possibilities

Are you looking to streamline your time tracking and invoicing processes? Discover how Klynke can help your business achieve similar results. Contact us today for a free 30-day trial and see the difference for yourself!

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