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Time tracking within Microsoft 365 and Teams

In today’s business world, finding tools that not only click with your current tech stack but also boost your agility is like striking gold. That's where Klynke sails in, waving its cloud-based flag, ready to revolutionize how you handle time management without missing a beat.

Perfect Harmony with Microsoft 365

The unique feature of Klynke's integration with Microsoft Teams sets Klynke apart from other time tools. Klynke links arms with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and the whole Office suite, making sure your project and time management is as smooth as your morning coffee. This seamless integration is a partnership that streamlines efficient time management and amps up productivity.

Customer Story:

Time Tracking within Microsoft Teams

For one of our clients it was essential to distinguish between billable and non-billable hours for their clients. They also required the capability to allocate hours to every client, project, and employee. On top of that, it was critical having budgetary oversight over our projects. Read the customer story

A Glimpse Into Your Future with Klynke

Klynke is about breaking free from the shackles of traditional time tracking and project management, offering you a solution where scalability walks hand-in-hand with compatibility. The ease of use, the user-friendly design, the online user guide and personal customer support is something to expect and look forward to.

Don't let time manage you. Take control with Klynke. Sign up for your free trial/demo today and see the difference for yourself.


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