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Meet Your Customers Business Needs

Sales and Support  Materials

Klynke One Pager

A concise, one-page document that provides a clear and succinct overview of Klynke Time Management.

Office people - Klynke

Customer Case Study

A concise customer case study for valuable insights.

Klynke customer case story

Klynke Overview - Seller Guide

Challenges, target customers, review and more.

Klynke Time Management Overview_edited.jpg


Essential details outlining the primary features, benefits, and advantages of utilizing Klynke.

Woman using Klynke time Tracking

Software Presentation Slides

Guided introduction to the fundamental aspects of the application.

Klynke Software Presentation

Why Klynke?

The core value and functionality of Klynke.

Report Time Your Way With Klynke

Deployment Guide

Step-by-step guide: Deploying the Klynke app.

Klynke Deployment Guide

Video Presentation

A concise  video presentation of Klynke.

Klynke Video

Online Quick Guide

Quick-reference online guide for using Klynke. Access the guide here:

Go to Online Klynke Quick-Reference Guide

Support Guide

Essential information on key keatures, benefits, and advantages of Klynke.

Klynke Support Guide

Product Trial

Numerous advantages of our free trial.

Go to Microsoft AppSource

Online Getting Started Guide

Step-by-step guide: Getting started with Klynke. Access the guide here:

Onlin Guide on How to Get Started With Klynke
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