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Enhancing Time Tracking Efficiency

Chemploy's Journey with Klynke

In the dynamic world of business, seamless time tracking integration is paramount. Chemploy recently shared their transformative journey, shedding light on challenges and how Klynke played a pivotal role in overcoming time-tracking hurdles.

Pain Points

Chemploy, dedicated to delivering exceptional services, faced challenges like delayed hour registrations, low first-time right ratios, and invoicing difficulties. A robust workflow is indispensable, and Chemploy, like all companies, aspires for customer excellence and a good work environment.

Seamless Integration with Office 365

Ben Bovendeerd, Chemploy's Director, highlighted Klynke's stand-out features, emphasizing its intuitive interface and seamless integration with Office 365. The tool's user-friendliness, straightforward setup, and efficient exporting capabilities significantly contributed to Chemploy's operational efficiency.

“Klynke stands out for its intuitive user interface and seamless integration with Office 365. It is user-friendly, straightforward, easy to use, and easy to set up. It also offers proper exporting for seamless integration into our invoicing procedure”, said Ben Bovendeerd, Director at Chemploy.

We at Klynke are delighted to have played a role in boosting Chemploy's time tracking efficiency.

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